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Teignmouth Weather Station

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Map of UK showing TeignmouthMy Teignmouth weather station is located 500m inland on the east side of the town. The site consists of a wireless Davis Vantage Pro 2 automatic weather station installed in May 2008 in a sheltered suburban back garden. Periodic upgrades to the site have included the addition of automated grass and soil thermometers, a soilmoisture probe, uv sensor and leaf wetness probe. I also manually observe snow depth and rainfall from a standard 5 inch rain gauge as this offers a more accurate measure of precipitation for long-term climate statistics.

Live Teignmouth weather data is uploaded to this website every 10 minutes. Graphs of conditions over the past day, week, month, 3 months and year are provided along with a summary of the local climate, Teignmouth weather forecasts and links to many
other weather stations in Devon.

National Coastwatch Institute Teignmouth Lookout This weather station Teignmouth Climate Station Here's a couple of graphs showing monthly rainfall and temperature statistics for 2023 and 2024 alongside 1991-2020 long-term climate values. Click on the series names to toggle the layers on and off. Similarly, run your mouse over the image to reveal actual values for each data point. I plan to add more climate statistics at a later date.

Rainfall was measured using a standard manual gauge read at 09hrs GMT (the month starts at 09hrs GMT on the 1st of each month). Temperatures are also read at 09hrs GMT (month starts at 09hrs GMT on the 1st for max temps and 09hrs on previous day for min).
We're very fortunate in Teignmouth that there are several meteorological, climatological and oceanographic monitoring sites in the town. Details of them are listed below and the sites are plotted on the map:

» National Coastwatch Institute (NCI) Teignmouth Live Weather
At Eastcliff on Teignmouth sea front. It has various weather instruments sited on the roof and can provide an assessment of weather and sea conditions if you call 01626 772377 or VHF Channel 65 between at least 09:00 - 16:00 (check website for up to date details)

» Official Teignmouth Climate Station Data
Run by Teignbridge DC on the Den. Daily manual climate observations have been made at 09:00 GMT for over 100 years making it a very impressive & unique record of the town's weather. The site meets strict criteria laid down by the Met Office. Recent data can be viewed online & a daily report is published in the window of the Resorts Office by the pier

» Local Bathing Water Quality Results
From the 1st May and throughout the summer the Environment Agency test the bathing water quality every 7-10 days. It's measured locally on Teignmouth town beach, Shaldon beach, Ness beach and other local beaches in Holcombe and Dawlish.

» Wave Height, Period, Direction and Sea Temperature Data (updated)
Measured by a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III Buoy installed off Dawlish (not shown on map). Funded by Plymouth University and Teignbridge District Council

Other environmental data is collected locally & details of these will be added soon.
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Weather Stations Locator Map Teignmouth Community College Weather Station WaveRex Data National Coastwatch Institute This weather station


Surfer at Teignmouth, May 2008Shaldon Ness, June 2008


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